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Timme Dossing
Timme Dossing founded PapaFootball in 2012 alongside Nils McGrath. Starting up companies and succeeding is in Timme’s DNA, as in 2004, Timme co-founded cabinet DN, a public affairs and communication services company located in Brussels. Throughout his career, Timme has built up experience with an array of international clients in sports, internal market law, and within the sustainability sector. Prior to his experience at cabinet DN, Timme worked as an Advisor to the European Consumers Organisation (BEUC) and to the head of the Danish PSE delegation in the in the European Parliament. Timme has an MSc in Economics and speak English, Spanish, in addition to his mother-tongue of Danish. Timme continues to play football at the club RBBFC in the Vets league recording impressive goal scoring statistics.
Nils McGrath
Nils McGrath managed the development of PapaFootball from the drawing-board to the practical and multifaceted web application it is today. Nils designed the project plan and performed status reporting to communicate progress in weekly meetings with founders. Additionally, he lead the design process by creating wire-frames and mockups using both of the site and the mobile application using Adobe Photoshop and Sketch 2. Nils supports Tottenham and captains the Royal Brussels British Football club who has won the ABBSA Division One two years running now alongside the management and resources PapaFootball provides.
Robert Brown
Design, Marketing & Sales Director
Robert Brown received a scholarship to play football in the NCAA Division II at Simon Fraser University which lengthened his adolescent sporting career. Graduating from Simon Fraser with a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Communications began his professional business career. In university, Robert studied courses that covered a broad range of advertising techniques, effective marketing methods, and valuable brand development strategies which analyze the relationship between a business and its customers. Robert has configured, formed, and designed PapaFootball and continues to market and promote it for the people who share his commitment to the sport we all love.
Tiberiu Petcu
Web Developer
Tiberu Petcu, 'Tibi', joined the cabinet DN and the PapaFootball team back in 2013. Tibi is the technical brain behind PapaFootball. He has graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Bucharest and he also holds a Master's degree in Project Management. During his 10 years of experience in Web Development, Tibi has worked with a variety of web technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET and many others. On Papafootball.com, he ensures that the website meets high expectations and that it delivers a smooth and user-friendly interface.