What We Offer

About Us

Papafootball is created by footballers for footballers. It is the global online tool to organise teams and matches, and share golden moments. On the site you can find pitches, attract new players for your team, get driving directions and display your individual and team statistics. The best part? Everything is free, including the interactive, fully-functional team site.

Our core aim is to help amateurs and semi-professionals prepare their next game. Papa makes sure that no matter if you are at home or abroad, you are never more than a click away from joining in your nearest match and connecting with other players and teams.

We exist to make your footballing life easier and to take your enjoyment to the next level!

Personalised homepage

  • Find new and ex-team mates, playing grounds and pitches near to you
  • Find out if friends and opponents have joined new teams, check the latest stats
  • Live updates help you to keep in touch with fellow footballers

Individual profile

  • Update your skills and stats, including position/speed/goals/assists
  • Share your personal season highlights with video clips and photos
  • Communicate interest for joining teams/tournaments/event

Team Profile

  • Tell players when, where and who you are playing
  • Managers corner, team talk blogs + all your football emails in one place
  • Upload videos of your training sessions/games/socials

The Team

Our team is spread across Belgium, Denmark and Romania. We are always looking for more team members to spread the Papafootball word and help our website grow!

For all questions regarding who we are and what we do at Papafootball please mail us.

Papafootball is based in Brussels, Belgium.